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We are an online Personal Training company that believes improving overall health should be priority when it comes to fitness.

We approach training with health, wellness, functionality and longevity in mind. It is a well balanced program that focuses on improving ones physical capacity to handle the demands of life. Form follows function, so aesthetics are the byproduct of the training, not the priority.

Meet Cody!

Founder, Cody Smith began his career in the fitness industry in 2008 and has been all in ever since. He started as a Personal Trainer holding the CPT(Certified Personal Trainer), PES(Performance Enhancement Specialist) and CES(Corrective Exercise Specialist) certifications through the NASM.

He is also a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer. In 2013 he Co-Founded a CrossFit gym and Co-Owned/Operated and coached full time until May 2019. He also Co-Founded STLY, an online Nutrition coaching service.

Since 2008, he’s helped 1,500+ people transform their bodies and minds. He launched Project Prevail in May 2019 to help Dads all across the globe get their fitness back and say NO to accepting the DadBod.

Comprehensive Training Program

Strength and Conditioning Program that combines Bodybuilding, Functional Fitness and Cardiovascular Exercise to get you looking, feeling and performing better.

Our approach to movement is what sets us apart, you will get a detailed warm up as well as cool down that correlates with the movements for that day. Improving the way you move has a tremendous impact on your daily life. Our programs will get you stronger, leaner, more confident, more capable and more FIT.

Nutrition Strategy

Long lasting results are the product of changing habits. We want you to change the way you look at food and your relationship with it. You will track your nutrition as we help you find the most effective and sustainable way for you to eat according to your goals.

We provide a calorie goal and macronutrient breakdown to help guide your way. As well as Foods lists and example meal plans(upon request)

Online Support

Get access to our private FB group with Prevail members. Chat via the TrueCoach app as well as a weekly 1-on-1 call.

Program Delivered via TrueCoach App

The TrueCoach app is an absolute game changer. Everything you need will be right in front of you with videos of each exercise and detailed explantations.

Your nutritional goals will also be in there and you can track everything with the app.


If you want to move better and get out of pain. If you want to feel better and have more energy. If you want to improve your body composition, look better and gain more confidence.. Then you need to train with us.

Cody is a badass fitness and nutrition coach! He will help you to set and achieve your goals, like he helped me. He will not only work with you to setup an achievable nutrition and fitness plan, but will help you push yourself towards your goals. I highly recommend anyone looking to improve themselves - whether physically, nutritionally, or overall, to get together with Cody! He’s a positive, motivated, funny guy to be around and knows his stuff!

Working with Cody was a game changer for me. Not only with my fitness and nutrition but mentally as well. As a former collegiate athlete I always thought I knew all I needed about fitness and nutrition. Not until I started working with Cody did I achieve the goals I had always strived for. I was able to reach peak performance and get in the best shape of my life.

Cody is as REAL as they come in the world of Coaching, Programming and Nutrition. Unlike many “self proclaimed” internet coaches, he is educated in his craft and has over a decade of experience helping others improve their lives. He’s honest in his approach and doesn’t sugar coat what’s required to accomplish your health and fitness goals. Cody gave me a roadmap for a better lifestyle and supported me along the way. I couldn’t be more thankful and pleased with the results that Cody Smith has helped me achieve.

Coach Cody is awesome!! I travel for work and showed up at his box and asked if we could work out one on one sessions because of my schedule and he was so flexible and agreed to coach me, he told me just eat real food to start with....Don't try to count macros right away. Once you learn to eat real food then take it a step further.... The nutrition thing can be so overwhelming sometimes with all the misinformation out there but when he said that it just clicked. He pushed me to do my best on my workouts and PR my back squat!!!! If you get the chance to be coached by him do it you won't regret it!!!

Cody helped change my life. My wife and I tried a few of the boxes around here and ultimately decided to go to one of the local boxes where we met Cody. In a few short years, he changed everything I think about exercise. We found an incredible community in his 4:30am class. We gained a bunch of muscle, my back started feeling better, and we loved the hour we spent each day with him. Cody is really bright in how he designs workouts. I muse sometimes that he is an artist, and the human body is his canvas. Without hesitation, I recommend him as a coach and I also think the world of him as a person.

I was able to meet and surpass many goals I made for myself. I could not have done it without the support, guidance and fitness programming that Cody provided me. His fitness program and encouragement to stay healthy made it possible to get past hurdles I was facing. With his training I dropped 4 pant sizes in less than a year! Cody is a great trainer, and most importantly he is a great person that understands life happens.

I’ve know Cody for almost two years now, and I am a complete fan of his programming. Better than any other workouts I’ve done in achieving functional fitness. He has worked with me to focus on areas of my well-being that are important to me. For example, I routinely have upper back pain and tightness, and Cody has help me with workouts and mobility to get me out of pain and feel better. It is extremely helpful to have Cody keep me accountable in these workouts. It’s really hard to come up with stuff to do at the gym, and with the combo of his plan and the TrueCoach app, I can attack my workouts to get the results I want. After only one month working with Cody in this new platform I am immensely stronger than when I started. I couldn’t recommend teaming up with Cody for your fitness transformation more!


  • What do I need? Do I need to have fitness experience?

    NO experience required, however it will help. The program will be tailored to you and your abilities. We can also work around any restriction you may have. You will also get demo videos for exercises you’re unsure of.

  • Do I need to purchase special equipmemt?

    Project Prevail workouts can be done with whatever equipment you have access to and also be completed in the amount of time you have available to train.

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